About New Heart Quartet


Brad Hagood


I have attended Old Reyno Free Will Baptist Church, the biggest part of my life.  Old Reyno has always been known for its singing.  This is where I first fell in love with southern gospel music and developed a passion for singing. 

Since I was 20 years old, I have sung tenor with a few different quartets.  The first quartet, Gospel Connection, was put together by my dad.  After I moved to Missouri, from the late 90’s until January 2005, I sang with The Heartland Boys, Heartland Vocal Band, and In Faith.  After my first child was born, I decided to take break from singing and be a dad. 

When I was asked to sing with New Heart Quartet, there was some hesitation.  I now have four children and as you can imagine, not a lot of time to spare.  However, after prayer and several conversations with my wonderful wife, I took a leap of faith that God would make it work.  I consider singing a ministry and singing with New Heart Quartet gives the other guys and me and opportunity to spread God’s word through song.  


Ed Edington


I have sung just about all my life.  I began with the family group up through 18 years old.  I was taught to sing harmony and I have sung all parts with the exception of bass. For over 30 years God has provided me the opportunities to sing with some very talented singers and musicians.

I have sung with three southern gospel quartets through the years. In the 80’s, I sang tenor with the New Harvest Quartet ( I still have the cassettes). In the 90’s, I sang 11 years with a quartet, still known as The Singing Disciples out of the Rolla area.  We sang generally 100 to 120 services a year.  I sang both the tenor part in the early years and baritone the last 5 years I was with the group.  Presently I sing with the group Abundance Quartet, as well as, New Heart Quartet.  This may sound confusing, however, because of work schedules and working on the road, Abundance was restricted to singing two – three weekends a month.  Through circumstances, that I can confidently say that was a “God Thing”, called New Heart Quartet together.

In 2008, God called me into the Ministry of the Word.  I was ordained as a Southern Baptist minister and took the pastorate of a small country church until 2011.  I felt the calling of God to once again go into the evangelical field based around the Word and Song. I believe in our New Heart Mission Statement concerning the creation of a new heart. Song, along with the Word, can truly turn that hard heart into a workable instrument of God.


Joe Slayton


I was singing in church, probably as soon as I started to talk. My family would take us to the "singings" in the area to see groups like The Oak Ridge Boys, Cathedrals, Blackwood Brothers, etc., and it was then I knew I was hooked on this music. My entire family sang at church as well as in events around the area where we lived. Later, God used this love and desire to sing and travel with regional quartets in Missouri and Arkansas.

I know that God can use music to deliver His word, at times, when nothing else can. 

I'm so proud to team with these guys, New Heart Quartet, to sing and share the gospel of Christ.


Doug Sheets


I was raised from birth in a country church call Sutton Free Will Baptist. My family sang as a group until my sister went off to college. (she was our piano player). After graduating high school I fell out of church but the teaching of the word was implanted in my heart and never left. During those years the Holy Spirit never left me alone. It seemed God always had plans for me and I know those plans were to share the gospel through music. I sang with a group called Homeward Bound for a few years and loved every minute of it. When we disbanded I felt lost and prayed for the Lord to give me a direction.  Thus New Heart Quartet is the direction he led me. Couldn’t ask to sing with a better bunch of guys. Everyone one of them devoted Christian men. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to share you gospel through music.